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A Family Saga during the 1700's Inquisition [more...]

I Sing A Song of Ages Past
Series: Book One


David graduated from Ga. Southern with a degree in the social sciences with a keen interest in history. For this series, I Sing A Song of Ages Past, he decided to write about the last 350 years of European and American history as it unfolded in the lives of members of his mother's family, the Mellichamps. After years of genealogical discovery, he matches the events in his family's life with events in history. They were involved with John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Denomination, Charles Darwin, Frances Marion, The Revolutionary hero, The Smithsonian and in the founding of Charleston. Many buildings, schools, rivers and other landmarks in South Carolina bear the name Mellichamp.

For his first series, The Chasseen Legends
, published in 2020 and available on Amazon, David began writing after reading a newspaper headline about the last volcanic eruption in France in 4040BC. His first thought was, how do they know the year? Months past and other questions rumbled through his mind. Could someone have witnessed that eruption? A little internet investigating confirmed it. The next question, who?, took five years of research. Irritated, then exasperated, his wife finally persuaded David to compose stories based on his research discoveries. Life 6000 years ago turned out to be quite interesting.

David enjoys writing, gardening, and woodworking. During the long writing process, he retired. His wife and he moved from one side of Atlanta to the other, living in or around Atlanta most of their lives. They have six+one grandchildren.


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