The Chasseen Legends

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Before the Romans, the Greeks or the Celts:
There were the Chasseen... [more...]

The Chasseen Legends TIME LINE of Events

100,000+BCLast Ice Age covers all of Europe down to central France.
43,000BCHunter-Gatherers arrive & begin migrating across Europe.
30,000BCDogs being domesticated from wolves.
The Chauvet Cave paintings in southern France.
15,000BCThe famous Lacroix "Great Hall of Bulls" cave paintings in France.
Wall Art     
10,500BCIce Age begins melting over the next 1000 years.
4500BCClimate warms to present-day levels.
Chasseen people begin arriving in southern Europe including
northern France and migrate south toward the Mediterranean.
4040BCChasseen people are the backdrop for The Chasseen Legends.
Farming started.
Complex (multi-clan) settlements are formed.
3500BCWheel invented in central Europe and usage spreads.
3200BCOtzi - the Ice Man dies in French/Swiss border area.
3100BCChasseen society breaks apart in Europe and into smaller groups in southern France.
2400BCStone Structures erected at Stonehenge.
1300BCCelts arrive with metal: copper, then bronze, then iron.
  680BCGreeks arrive and establish port cities.
    58BCJulius Caesar invades and establishes Roman state of Gaul.

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